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Shaving Irritation

Okay dudes, as if battling breakouts weren’t enough, you have to think about shaving correctly too?!

Shaving Irritation 1

When you’re trying to get clear, it’s important to be as kind to your face as possible, especially when it comes to that manly facial hair of yours. Think of it this way: with each pass of a razor can come irritation, potential for ingrown hairs, and the possible spread of bacteria.

When you shave you can cut into an acne lesion. The cut forces white blood cells to come to the rescue, causing more inflammation.  Then the nick can spread bacteria throughout your face, further aggravating your acne.

A clean close shave is overrated! “Close Shave” razors use multiple blades to pull the hair up before cutting it.  When the hair is released, it springs back down below the surface of the skin, giving you that seemingly smooth shave.  Unfortunately, that smoothness does last long!  This method often ends with unsightly ingrown hairs. Electric rotary razors are no better, as they cut the hairs every which way—a guarantee that you’ll experience lots of post-shave bumps.

Bottom line? It may be time to reconsider your grooming regimen. Check out our Shaving Tips or forget the razor and boast that new beard!

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