Getting Rid of Blemishes and Pimples

The term “blemish” has a wide range of meanings. Generally, it is any mark that is left over from acne rather than the acne itself. Skin blemishes need to be treated the same way acneic skin is treated. The main concern for blemish control is the same for acne – to keep any new acne from forming in the first place – this is the best blemish treatment. If you have your acne under control, you can say bye bye blemishes as well.

To get rid of pimples, you need to use products that will decrease the inflammation – products with ingredients like mandelic acid, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.  However, it is not enough to use the right products, you also need to use them in the correct way. It takes an experienced Acne Specialist to guide you – they will know which products to recommend for your type of acne. Then they will guide you in how to use the products in a systematic way to get your skin clear as fast as possible.

Icing inflamed acneic skin is also highly recommended. Ice helps to bring down inflammation and can be effective in keeping inflamed lesions from coming to the surface.

When you are on the right products and treatment program, you can get rid of pimples pretty quickly – they can be easier to clear than blackheads as they are more on the surface.

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