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Microcurrent Anti-Aging Therapy



Just the thought of applying electricity on the face can be shocking enough, but not when you try microcurrent facial. In fact, customers who have tried this latest beauty trend found it gentle and very relaxing. But the best part about this treatment is the undeniable results. If you want to improve your skin’s elasticity and tighten loose skin, this might be the perfect solution!

What Is A Microcurrent Facial?

Microcurrent facial is an advanced Facial Toning System that introduces gentle pulsating current or electricity to the face and muscles. It uses high-tech-micro currents to achieve the desired skin goals particularly:

Lifting and Strengthening

The specific patterns and frequencies used in the treatment strengthen and exercises facial muscles. It builds tone as the treatment goes on, thus to achieve optimal results, it’s best to have repeated sessions.

Improve Skin Elasticity

The latest facial treatment comes with specially formulated ionic solutions to the skin and its underlying layers that do not only improve the skin’s elasticity but also its circulation and hydration.

That being said, microcurrent facial treatment is recommended for those who want to combat signs of skin aging, lines, and wirnkles. The current applied to the face results to a slimmer, tighter face and neck. It uplifts the mouth and cheeks, firm eyebrows, and smoothens the skin all without going under the knife. The non-surgical treatment brings dramatic results in as fast as one to two sessions and is deemed completely safe.

Also known as “Non-Surgical Face Lift”, this method directly works with facial muscles in the face and neck to improve the strength and tone, thus prolonging the youthful appearance of the skin. Despite the absence of a surgery, it tightens slightly sagging skin and improves skin texture.

Is It Really Safe?

The fact that it is non-invasive — meaning, it doesn’t require introducing instruments to the body — only suggest how completely safe it is. No surgery is involved and the currents used on the face and neck are extremely low.

Microcurrent Facial works on a pre-programmed setting and calibrated resistance meters and internal data to provide the utmost comfort the user. The number of sessions required depends on the client’s skin type and condition but normally, it is advised to have at least one or two sessions a week for 2 months to achieve the best result. Meanwhile, a “booster” treatment is required monthly to maintain optimal results.

How Long Does Microcurrent Facial Treatment Last?

Normally, each session — or series as they refer to it — last for around 45-60 minutes. This latest beauty trend is a perfect alternative when you want to have a facelift but you’re having doubts about going under the knife. The non-surgical solution is not painful and does not provide any discomforts. Although there’s a slight tingling sensation, many clients find it soothing and calming that some even fall asleep.

What Happens When You Stop Having Microcurrent Facial Sessions?

Think of the body — when you stop exercising, your muscle will lose the tone it has already acquired over time and may result in having flabs. The same thing happens when you stop having microcurrent facial sessions — although the skin on the neck and face will not necessarily “fall”, it will resume to aging again.

So, if you want to avoid such things and maintain the results you had in the first place, it’s best to book an appointment on a regular basis. With microcurrent facial, you don’t need to wait for a few days or book a number of sessions just to see the outcome; the results are noticeable visible almost immediately and it will get better over a period of time after having the required number of series. However, the outcome will still depend on the client’s lifestyle and age.

How Do I Get Started?

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