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Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Treatment

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Whether it’s in a latte or baked into a pie, pumpkin has always been an amazing ingredient. But aside from that, did you know that it can also work wonder on your skin? Unknown to many, this orange-yellow fruit is packed with nutrients that help brighten and smoothens the skin. It also increases cell turnover, resulting in a younger, healthier, glowing skin. So if you’re looking for a new way to rejuvenate your skin naturally, say hello to our Pumpkin Peel.

What Is A Pumpkin Peel?

Pumpkin peels are one of many chemical peel treatment that is best used when you want to get rid of acne, pigmented skin, and signs of aging. It creates an immense heat response to the face by using acids and pumpkin pulp. Despite the presence of heat and acid, this treatment provides a soothing, hydrating solution to enhance the skin. It also contains hydroxyl acids, antioxidants, and natural enzymes that promote a better skin tone. If this doesn’t convince you yet, maybe the feeling of relaxation and refreshment will help you decide.

Can A Pumpkin Peel Treat Acne?

If you have a sensitive or acne-prone skin, this potent treatment can be your option. It promotes healing and circulation sans the harmful chemicals. This method will penetrate deep into the pores to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove oil, dirt, and other debris. Using pumpkin peel as the main ingredient, this facial treatment helps calm down current acne flare-ups and strengthens the collagen on the skin’s surface.

Pumpkin Peel Explained?

Surprise, surprise! Here’s another benefit you can get when you choose pumpkin peel for your skin. The peel contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA) — two major ingredients when you want to exfoliate the skin effectively. This leads to cell renewal and as a result, you’re skin will look younger and smoother!

What Happens During A Pumpkin Peel Treatment?

At Houston Acne Specialist, our main goal is to provide you the best skincare treatment according to your skin type and concern — and there’s no better way to do that than to understand what you need. When you choose to book an appointment with us, we guarantee to answer all your questions in the friendliest, most professional way. Our certified aestheticians are equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and experience so you know you’re in good hands.

The session will start with a clean face, and that means using a cleanser that will deeply but gently remove dirt, oil, makeup, and other debris. To prime up the skin before the exfoliation, an acidic base will be applied to be followed by the pumpkin peel.

For the first few minutes, the peel will emit a warm sensation but will cool down and feel tight afterward. The whole procedure may last up to 30 minutes and unlike other peels, no downtime is required and you can see visible changes right after the treatment. Be sure to nourish the new layer of skin using a moisturizer.

Benefits Of A Pumpkin Peel

If you’re not yet convinced with this treatment or you just want to know more about pumpkin peel, here are a few advantages you need to know:

*Provides Deep Cleansing And Correction
A pumpkin contains two essential nutrients that are good for the skin: zinc and copper. Zinc helps regulate excessive oil production, thus reducing acne. Meanwhile, the copper can help with pigmentation concerns on the skin.

*Protects Against Free Radicals And Harmful UV Rays
A pumpkin contains antioxidant carotenoids — an important compound that is known to combat against free radical damage and oxidative stress, which, by the way, is the leading cause of skin aging.

*Promotes Circulation
When you choose pumpkin peel for your skin, you are helping the body have the red cell development it needs because of the folate found in pumpkins.

*Firms And Tightens The Skin
If you want to maintain your skin’s firmness, the best way is to have pumpkin peel. Thanks to the Vitamin C found in this fruit, your skin can produce the collagen and elastin it needs.

*Brightens The Complexion
A pumpkin contains enzymes that deeply cleanses the skin and at the same, put out its natural glow.

What You Need To Know Before You Get A Pumpkin Peel

It’s undeniable how effective a pumpkin peel is but like other good things, it comes with a precaution. After the treatment, your skin may become a little bit more sensitive and it depends on the home care regimen you use as well as the skin type you have. You may feel a stinging or tingling sensation and swelling afterward. Other side effects include peeling, redness, scabbing, or tightness.

After having a pumpkin peel, it’s recommended to avoid showers or hot baths, exercising, sweating, and other vigorous activities, and picking scrubbing, or even rubbing the skin. If you want, we can provide you with a home care regimen you can use while the peeling takes place. If you’re using products with AHA and/or retinoids, it’s best to stop it until the skin has healed completely.

Additional Skin Care Tips

For best results and to avoid skin damages, its best to use a skin protection such as a sunscreen for at least 3 days. Using an umbrella or a hat is also recommended to avoid hyperpigmentation.

When planning to have a pumpkin peel, be sure to stop using benzoyl peroxide at least 3 to 4 days before the treatment. It’s also advised to avoid using Retin A and facial waxing for at least 7 days prior to the peel. If you’re suffering from herpes breakout or other skin concerns, be sure to consult a medical professional first before having pumpkin peel.

To maintain a younger, healthier-looking skin, it’s recommended to have 4 to 6 sessions, with one to two weeks interval.

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