Acne & Anti-Aging High Frequency Facial Treatments

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Acne is one of the common skin care problems that are so hard to deal with. Despite being religious to a skincare routine, it’s not just enough. Lucky you, there are other ways to get rid of these stubborn blackheads and one of which is the high-frequency facial.

Whether it’s your first time to hear this treatment or you want to learn more, this post will help you.

What Is A High-Frequency Facial?

Like other facial treatment, it targets enlarged pores, acne, and fine lines and wrinkles; the difference is that it also improves puffy and dark eye circles while conditioning the scalp to promote hair growth. It’s a one-stop shop solution to obtain a healthier, younger-looking skin you ever wanted.

The first time when high-frequency currents were introduced was in the 1800’s but until now, it’s still considered as the most effective, timeless skin rejuvenating essential by the beauty industry. Not to be confused with other facial treatments, this method is known for stimulating cell renewal by warming up the skin tissues. It also helps skincare essentials to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin.

Despite the presence of warmth and electrical current, the treatment is surprisingly painless and gentle — not even a single discomfort can be felt. The high-frequency electrical current introduces a gentle swinging and oxygenating power to the skin to promote collagen and elastin production, improve blood circulation, remove acne-causing bacteria and toxins, exfoliate dead skin cells and other debris, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and help the skin absorb skincare essentials easier and faster.

How Does High-Frequency Facial Work?

This treatment uses a high-frequency facial machine with high-frequency electrodes. It is made up of a transparent tempered glass that comes in different sizes and shapes, allowing the treatment to work effectively on a distinct face and body contours. It is then attached into a high-frequency hand device to produce painless alternative electrical current. Once the contact with the skin is made, it sets the inert gas to come out with electrical light-healing energy and unstable oxygen which turns into purifying ozone. Therapeutic zapping or slight tingling may be felt during the procedure but it won’t provide much discomfort.

The high-frequency facial is one of the best anti-aging treatments since it stimulates immediate blood circulation. The natural contraction produced in the blood vessels and muscles is extremely safe and may not even leave any redness on the face. It also hydrates and increases the nutrients that the cells need while removing toxins that harm the skin. As a result, it promotes collagen and elastin production, smoothens wrinkles and fine lines, stimulates blood flow and cell renewal, and improves the overall appearance of the skin.

But the benefit it provides doesn’t end there.

High-frequency facial stimulates antibacterial action and natural cleansing to get rid of stubborn acne and avoid creating new ones. Those who are suffering from cystic acne will surely benefit from this treatment.

How Much Does High-Frequency Facial Cost?

Despite the number of benefits it gives, a high-frequency facial is surprisingly cost-effective. To find out prices please go here but to receive optimal results, especially to those dealing with oily and acne-prone skin, it’s advised to have 10 sessions at least once a week.