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For the past 20 years, a lot of skin care breakthroughs have happened but if there’s one treatment that stood out, that’d be the LED Light Therapy. One of the reasons why this is a popular choice is because of the standing result it provides — it’s a go-to solution for almost all skin conditions, even the ones you think will never be treated. Because of this, many DIY LED therapy kits have reached the market but none of these are as good as the ones used in facial salons.

LED light therapy is used for many things, such as growing plants, treating cancer, and as a skin enhancer. Like an answered prayer for most skincare enthusiasts, this procedure is known for making skin healthier and smoother, no matter what the skin type or concern is. It’s unbelievable how a single device can do this but the thing is, the wavelengths and light intensity vary depending on the condition.

Let’s take a closer look at how this treatment works.

Different Problems, One Solution!

LED Light Therapy is known to help and treat a lot of things, such as skin conditions. Basically, it uses a variety of light emitting diodes as a remedy for different problems. To be effective, the LED light bulbs used to produce the right wavelengths for a particular skin type, thus it’s important to begin every session with the help of a professional aesthetician.

This non-invasive skin procedure targets the skin cells deeply to provide a number of skin and anti-aging benefits. Since it won’t require you to go under the knife, it is painless and relaxing and the best part is — it is cost-effective. If you’re looking for a new and better way to give your skin the right treatment it deserves, contact us now! LED light therapy is best and safe for all skin types and colors.

Benefits Of LED Light Therapy

Different vibrant colored lights are used during LED Light Therapy but here are Houston Acne Specialist, our main lights are colored yellow and/or blue.

For promoting healthier skin, we use the tried and tested and clinically proven yellow light. It’s best used for acne scarring, skin rejuvenation, and to reduce signs of aging such as fine lines. It also stimulates proper blood circulation. For optimal results, we usually advise to use this along with our other skin treatments. It’s also ideally used prior to and after having skin peels, post-cosmetic injectables, and microdermabrasion for the rapid healing process and to gain more benefits out of these treatments. To learn more about this, you can book an appointment on our website or call our customer representatives.

Meanwhile, if you want a clearer, acne-free skin, we suggest the blue light. Known for its antibacterial benefits, this light reduces acne-causing bacteria on the skin. It targets active acne while soothing skin inflammation. Who would have thought that you only need less than an hour to achieve the glowing skin you always wanted.

How Long Does LED Light Therapy Really Last?

Clue: It won’t take an hour!

LED Light Therapy only takes 10-20 minutes so you can squeeze it in between lunch breaks or before you go home. However, it still depends on the treatment plan you have and this will depend on what skin goals you want to achieve. It’s time-efficient and you can see visible results even after the first procedure!

Is There A Downtime?

Having LED Light Therapy alone will not require any downtime; however, if it involves other treatments, such as peeling, there’s redness or flaking, and the downtime may last for days or even weeks.

Who Will Benefit From LED Light Therapy?

Almost everyone can benefit from this treatment. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix for your fine lines, wrinkles or acne or you want a faster way to heal your wounds and post-surgery scars, this might be the perfect solution. Talk to our certified aestheticians now to learn more about LED Light Therapy.

How Much Is LED Light Therapy

Every therapy depends on the skin condition and skin type you have. To Find out LED Light Therapy Treatment prices in Houston, please visit go here. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect investment for your skin especially when you choose to do it with the right experts.

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