Epidermal Leveling


Looking for the best way to improve skin tone and texture? Then you’ve come to the right place! Houston Acne Specialist is one of Houston, Texas’ most trusted treatment centers to offer dermaplaning. This new and unique way of enhancing the skin reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines and improve the appearance of pimple marks through manual exfoliation.

Dermaplaning in Houston, TX

Exfoliating is a crucial part of a good skincare routine but sometimes, exfoliating products are not enough to achieve the skin you always wanted. Enter dermaplaning — a non-invasive manual exfoliation treatment the effectively removes dead skin cells, deep-seated dirt, oil, peach fuzz, and unwanted facial hair. This new, gentle method results to a brighter, smoother, healthier skin.

Benefits Of Having Regular Dermaplaning Treatment

The frequency of having this treatment still depends on your skin type and condition but normally, the aesthetician will require you to have dermaplaning at least once a month. By doing so, you are removing a two to three-weeks worth of stubborn, dead skin cells.

Regular dermaplaning treatment also results in a reduced appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and enlarged pores. It also removes peach fuzz and unwanted hair “temporarily”, making makeup application a lot easier. It also helps in declogging blackheads and improving the overall skin tone and texture.

How Dermaplaning (Epidermal Leveling) Works?

This exfoliating method requires a sterilized surgical blade to remove the upper layer of the skin.

Starting with a clean and dry face, a certified aesthetician will use one hand to stretch the skin and the other hand to hold a 10 gauge scalper at a 45-degree angle. Gentle, swift strokes are applied to scrape off oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and peach fuzz. It is applied all over the face area including the nose and even neck. Despite the use of blades, the method is surprisingly painless and quick and unlike other facial treatments, it doesn’t involve any kind of pain or discomfort. In fact, it is too gentle and relaxing and the sensations felt during the process are a lot better than shaving.

Dermaplaning normally lasts up to 30 minutes and will not require a downtime. You can go on with your normal routine afterward such as applying makeup. But, like other aesthetic methods, you need to have multiple treatment sessions to achieve the skin you wanted.

Who Will Benefit From Dermaplaning?

Almost all women and men can benefit from dermaplaning. This aesthetic treatment is ideal for improving the skin texture and tone and is safe for almost all skin types, including those with rosacea and sensitive skin. However, certified aestheticians will not recommend this procedure to those with excessively oily or acne-prone skin.

What To Expect After A Dermaplane Procedure?

Although you can go back to your normal routine right after the procedure, the skin will still experience slight peeling. This is a normal skin reaction since the hair growth cycle has no enough time to complete. This is the reason why your aesthetician will ask you to visit after three or four weeks rather than have it the week after your first dermaplaning procedure.

If you’re worried about getting your facial hair darker, then worry no more. Physiologically speaking, it’s not possible to have a darker, thicker hair after shaving. Also, it only targets the peach fuzz (or the fine vellus hair in your face), so it will grow back to its normal size and color.

Dermaplaning looks and sounds easy but it’s recommended to have this procedure done only by certified aestheticians. If you’re interested to have this procedure, feel free to book directly on our website or call us now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dermaplaning

How long does it last?
With dermaplaning, you are removing a three to four-weeks worth of dead skin cells and this amazing result can last up to one month, depending on how you take care of your skin. If you’re committed to a good skincare routine using effective skincare essentials, you can prolong the results for more than 4 months.

Does it really eliminate fine wrinkles?
Yes, it does remove fine lines that develop over time. As a result, you are improving the appearance of your skin complexion which can last for up to 6 months. However, it will not do much on older and deeper wrinkles.

Does it really use an actual scalpel?
Yes, it uses a 10-gauge sterile scalpel to remove dead skin cells, oil, and peach fuzz.

Is there a downtime with a dermaplane procedure?

Normally, a facial procedure will require several hours — or even days — of downtime, but not with dermaplaning. No downtime is involved and you can go on with your normal routine without worrying about skin irritation or sensitivity.

Can you use skincare products after dermaplaning?

Yes, you can use skin care products right after the procedure. In fact, this is ideal since skincare essentials will work better on your skin this time. After this gentle exfoliation, your skin can absorb the products more effectively since it doesn’t have to work its way through dead, stubborn dead skin cells.

If you want to know more about dermaplaning and its benefits, you can call our phone number or simply book a consultation.