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This is the starting point for clear skin. This is 100% the SAME consultation we offer “in-office”. In this hour and 15 minute consultation, we will go over a comprehensive consent form and ask you specific questions about your skin, acne, lifestyle, and aggravating components making your acne worse.

What does this Include:

1. Assessing your skin type, acne type, and past history of other acne treatments you’ve gone through – both Rx and Over-The-Counter.

2. Educating you on real and correct facts concerning acne – not myths.

3. Sending out a specific home-care routine designed for your skin and your acne type.

4. On-going adjustments to your specific home-care routine. These are Virtual Follow-Up Appointments, where we discuss the progress of your skin and make essential changes so that your skin continues to keep getting clearer.

We will delve into extensive education for you so you understand the “Where’s, Why’s, and How’s” of acne, leading you down the road to clear skin. This is a very comprehensive consultation where you will walk away with an enormous amount of correct information concerning acne and how you can finally clear it. It is what makes us successful in clearing your acne.

Once we have established through your consultation your skin type, acne type, and aggravating components of acne in your lifestyle, we will then formulate a custom package specific to your acne type and skin type. From there we demonstrate EXACTLY how your full home-care regimen is applied along with the reason of why and how they work, so it makes sense to you the importance of each and every product and regimen for clearance.

This does require coaching, which is how going through our treatment plan is unique and successful, which we offer on-going every two weeks until you get clear.

*Progress is dependent upon compliance of home-care, and that is what we are here for – to coach you along the way. All clients wanting to clear acne are required to start with this consultation and home-care. Because of our present social distancing order that is currently taking place, this is where we need to start and eventually, we will provide in-office treatments as well. This virtual consultation option and specialized home-care is the starting point.

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